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Silver Hydrosol

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The anti-microbial properties of silver have been known for over a century. This silver hydrosol solution, also called colloidal silver, utilizes a patented hydrosol production technology that delivers the antimicrobial and immune stimulating properties at a concentration of 15 parts per million. The atomic silver/water complex assures no accumulation of silver and no toxic effects to healthy cells or tissue. Consider silver hydrosol in acute and chronic infections of all types, digestive issues including bacterial and parasitic infections, topically for cuts and burns, and swish this IC in the mouth before swallowing to address tooth and gum infections.

For: Animals
For: People
IC Source: Metals
IC Source: Vitamins and/or Minerals
IC Source: Allopathy
For: Cleanse and/or Restore the Body
For: Digestive System
For: Immune System and Lymphatic System
For: Integumentary System
For: Respiratory System
For: Urinary System

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