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Mumps is a contagious infection caused by the mumps virus. The virus primarily affects the salivary glands and is commonly transmitted via infected saliva or nasal secretions. Symptoms of mumps include swollen/painful salivary glands, fever, headache, body aches, fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle pain and weakness, inflammation, testicular affections, pancreatic and kidney dysfunction, hearing loss and deafness, stiff neck, toothache, joint pain, miscarriage, infertility (men), chronic fatigue, juvenile diabetes, pain while chewing or swallowing, fear of failure, hiding behind a cheerful/successful mask, and cheating to succeed.

For: People
IC Source: Spectronosodes
For: Digestive System
For: Immune System and Lymphatic System
For: Mental Health and the Nervous System
For: Reproductive System
For: Skeletal and Muscular Systems
For: Urinary System

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