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Amphotericin B

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Amphotericin B is a strong anti-fungal medication used to treat deep-rooted fungal infections and leishmaniasis. It can be appropriate in the treatment of aspergillosis associated with mold-related illness, as well as other infections that include blastomycosis, candidiasis, coccidioidomycosis, and cryptococcosis. It is recommended that this IC be used with balancing ICs such as the spore-based probiotic, butyrate, and/or other probiotic support formulas that are available as IC.

Primary Application: Imprint
For: People
IC Source: Allopathy
For: Blood and Cardiovascular System
For: Cleanse and/or Restore the Body
For: Digestive System
For: Immune System and Lymphatic System
For: Integumentary System

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