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User Guide

How to Use Infoceuticals (ICs): Direct Transfer of PEMF-based ICs to Target Area

The PEMF-based infoceuticals found under “PEMF” source category may be transferred into water (using Method 1 or Method 2) or directly to the target area described herein (Method 3). PEMF-based infoceuticals have a special category icon, as shown in the example below. For Method 3, you will need an IC Pad. Note: Glowing IC Pad 2 would be the best option to transfer PEMF signals.


1. Sign In and choose the PEMF-based Infoceutical.
2. Connect your IC Pad to your computer or smartphone.
3. Place IC Pad on the target area of your body and start IC Transfer.
4. When the IC has finished transferring, disconnect your IC Pad and repeat the procedure when needed.


Can I Create IC Complexes with PEMF-based Infoceuticals?
Currently, you can only use PEMF-based infoceuticals one at a time, applying them directly to the target area or transferring them into water and then drinking the prepared water. We are looking into the possibility of combining different PEMFs in a complex with other PEMF-based or substance-based infoceuticals.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer PEMF-based Infoceuticals?
Regardless of the type of IC Pad you use, the transfer time is usually 3-12 minutes depending on the PEMF-based infoceutical.

Can I Use Method 3 to Apply Substance-based Infoceuticals to Target Area?
Currently, for substance-based infoceuticals, it is better (more efficient) to use Method 1 or Method 2, which uses water to deliver ICs to the body.

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