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User Guide

How to Use Infoceuticals (ICs): Once in 3 Days Transfer Method

Infoceuticals are easy to use and this instructional video will teach you how! To efficiently transfer infoceuticals to water, you will need an IC Pad and non-carbonated water.

1. Sign In and choose an infoceutical, IC Complex or create your own IC Complex (see instructions on how to create your own IC Complexes).
2. Take a bottle of non-carbonated water that you usually drink and connect your IC Pad to your computer or smartphone.
3. Vigorously shake the bottle of water for at least 10 seconds.
4. Place IC Pad under the bottle and start downloading the IC.
5. When the IC has finished downloading, the water is ready and you can drink it throughout the day.
6. When you finish half of the prepared water, add new water to your bottle and vigorously shake it for at least 10 seconds to spread the IC from the old to the new volume of water.
7. In 3 days repeat all of the steps with a fresh volume of water.
8. Please remember to keep your IC water away from any electrical devices and stay healthy!

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