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What are Infoceuticals (ICs)?

This video shows water from the point of view of Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) Theory. Here you will learn how water can mimic the electromagnetic spectrum of diluted substances and how one can record and store these electromagnetic signals - thus, creating infoceuticals (ICs). Please note that this video provides a general overview of QED theory of water and is not meant to explain all the details of the theory.



Water is considered to consist of molecules which not just chaotically move around but are organized in groups known as coherent domains

The Quantum Electrodynamic Theory of coherent domains in water was proposed by Italian Scientists Emilio Del Giudice and Giuliano Preparatta, which basically states that if we have two oscillating particles with frequency v1 and v2 and there is an electromagnetic field with frequency v3 and all three frequencies (v1, v2 and v3) have almost the same value, then there will be an attractive force between these two particles.
It was shown that coherent domains in water can consist of up to 5 million water molecules, which oscillates at the same frequency and can remain within the same state during months.  
Additionally, there are numerous scientific publications which report the following observations:
  • When you take a substance (such as a biologically active substance), dilute it many times in water, place it in an electromagnetic coil, and then apply the obtained signal to pure water, you will observe that the pure water may have the same biological effects as the initially dissolved substance. 
How can we explain this phenomena in terms of coherent domains?
Each substance may be characterized with its electromagnetic spectrum. When we dilute a substance in water, the water molecules become surrounded by a specific, weak electromagnetic field of that substance and the water molecules not only form coherent domains, but also mimic the electromagnetic spectrum of the diluted substance. Additionally, if the substance is further diluted with a new volume of water, then the new water molecules will also form coherent domains with the same spectrum. And so on with further dilutions. Therefore, after a certain number of dilutions when we don’t have anything but just water, the water may still exhibit the properties of the initially diluted substance.
Taking this one step further, if the water molecules could mimic the spectrum of the diluted substance, then we possibly can capture, record and store the electromagnetic signal from the water.
This is exactly what Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier and others did – they could register specific electromagnetic signals emitted by extremely high dilutions of some substances (particularly DNA) in water. Also they were able to demonstrate precisely that the recorded signals contained the information about the diluted DNA sequences.

And that is how ICs are created - signals are recorded from substances which are diluted in water. 
IC Platform is a place to share and openly discuss this or any other related views. You are very welcome to ask questions and propose any other theories and concepts. Thank you!

Post created: Jan 18, 2018, by: Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko 7147   10

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  • Thumb svg1

    Jul 03, 2018, Valentin Shironosov says:     Not liked 0

    ... known as coherent domains... It's more simpl than this. See Resonanse in physic, chemistry and biology - and On the principle of least action, the crisis in modern physics, the physical basis of quantum mechanics and the structure of water - It's SI (Super-coherent Radiation) and RM (Resonant Microclusters - Quadrupoles). Regards VS. Reply

  • Thumb me

    Apr 09, 2018, Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko says:     Not liked 4

    Myriam Jarsky, also there were experiment with IC of tobacco. People who were addicted to smoke a lot, after drinking water with IC of tobacco had very small attraction to cigarettes. This IC will be available soon. We assume that organism with the help of water with IC was able to start producing nicotine by itself again. As you may know, normally our organism produce nicotine, but if we start to smoke cigarettes we will have external source of nicotine and our organism stops to produce nicotine and if person continues to smoke for some time then they become dependent on external source of nicotine, but if person keep away from smoking for some time then organism will start to produce nicotine by itself again. In that case people were not addicted to water with IC of tobacco, but it helped them to get away from addiction to external source of nicotine. Reply

  • Noavatar

    Apr 09, 2018, Myriam Jarsky says:     Not liked 2

    Thanks. That is very helpful. Reply

  • Thumb meridian energies logo

    Apr 09, 2018, Paul McDonald says:     Not liked 3

    Myriam Jarsky, The lorazepam given in the IC platform is not addictive as the body only takes from the remedy the information imprint and what it needs. It does not take things that it doesn't. Therefore not addictive. Reply

  • Noavatar

    Apr 07, 2018, Myriam Jarsky says:     Not liked 3

    Lorazepam is addictive if taken as an ordinary oral meds. Is it still addictive as an infoceutical? Reply

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