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Welcome to the IC Platform!

After you register on the Website, you will be able to download infoceuticals (ICs) of different substances, herbs, oils, fruits, etc. for health, cosmetics, veterinary, and gardening purposes created by practitioners and companies around the world. With these ICs you can create countless personalized complexes for your use.

For more infomation about how to use infoceuticals, please click here.

As an IC Platform user, you can:

  1. Add infoceuticals (ICs) to your Favorites ❤️ and then see them on your "My Favorite" page;
  2. Download IC Complexes that are already available on the IC Platform;
  3. Create and download your own personal complex of ICs by first adding ICs to your Favorites ❤️ and then from your "My Favorite" page click "Download all my fave ICs"; and
  4. Add information about yourself and/or your personal experiences using infoceuticals on your "My Page" (note: if you are a practitioner, this is especially useful if you would like to recruit new patients and share the experience of your patients using infoceuticals).

Thank you for your interest in infoceuticals and the IC Platform!

Post created: Jan 18, 2018, by: Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko 4304   1

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