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Study of Immunostimulating Activity of ICs

The paper titled “Information Pharmacology – Replication of Information Copies of Drug Substances in Aquatic Vehicles” by Surinov B., Hachumova K., Germanov E., and Fedorenko A. investigates the properties of IC of two medications: Arbidol, an antiviral and immunostimulating drug, as well as Dexon, a drug possessing immunosuppressive properties.

The first part of the study looked at the effect of water containing Arbidol IC and water containing Dexon IC on laboratory mice while the second part of the study focused on analyzing the effect of water with Arbidol IC on the health of a group of volunteers.  

What did we learn from these studies?

a) Studies on laboratory mice:

It was found that water containing Arbidol IC as well as water containing Dexon IC possessed pharmacological properties of Arbidol and Dexon, respectively. That is, these IC containing solutions were able to stimulate or inhibit the immune response of the laboratory mice.

Content of antibody forming cells (AFCs, % to control) in the spleen of intact mice (green), irradiated mice with 1 Gy without Arbidol IC treatment (red) and irradiated mice with 1 Gy with Arbidol IC treatment (orange).

b) Clinical studies:

It was observed that the group regularly taking water containing Arbidol IC had improved functional state and lower incidence of viral infections compared to the control group (i.e. those individuals not taking water containing Arbidol IC). 

To learn more about the studies, please read the article by clicking here

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