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If water is programmable....

I am curious as to the prior state of each container of water that is used in this process. As I have learned, water is programmable and therefor I would think could begin as a preprogrammed fluid. There are many influences that I would imagine could make an imprint of sorts on the water as it has journeyed up to the point of this process. Is there some measure used that I am unclear about which clears all other programming from the water before it is charged with infoceuticals and IC Complexes as algorithms. If not, should a clearing algorithm be used prior to doing this?

Post created: Aug 18, 2019, by: Sarah Stier 278   1

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    Aug 28, 2019, Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko says:     Not liked 3

    Hi Sarah, Good questions, thank you! True, water that we buy in the store or take from some spring has a long journey and electromagnetic environment imprints properties of surrounding minerals, materials, people thoughts, fields, and other things. The ability of water to remain its state (or "remember" the influence) depends on dissolved substances and minerals in the water. Most of the commercially bottled water can keep its state during 3-5 days. It depends on how water is stored, what temperature spikes it had and other factors. As you may already know to help water change its state (or "record" some signals) we need to vigorously shake it before the "recording", to give water energy necessary for its energetical restructure. So, if you purchase water in the store, you can give it a few days (3-5) to relax from its travel and collected "memories and impressions" and then use it for recording ICs. Also, another technique you can use is to freeze water and then melt or also you can heat the water up to about 50C (122F), but don't heat water in a plastic container or microwave. Freezing or warming the water destroys all prerecorded information. Reply

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