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First Place Gilbert Ling Poster Award at the Water Conference

The IC Platform was represented at this year’s Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water in Germany. We received the Gilbert Ling Poster Award for the work titled “Treating water with electromagnetic signals recorded from drugs to prepare infoceuticals”.

Below you can see a short presentation:


Post created: Nov 06, 2019, by: Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko 1346   2

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    Dec 27, 2019, Yvonne Leitner says:     Not liked 0

    Yvonne Leitner, thanks Anton 💜 Reply

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    Dec 27, 2019, Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko says:     Not liked 1

    Hi Yvonne, thank you for your comment! Maybe at least we will translate slides to German :) I will keep you posted, thank you! Reply

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    Dec 26, 2019, Yvonne Leitner says:     Not liked 0

    Maybe there will be this recording with German subtitles at some point. 💜💜💜 Reply

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